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Cookie has been drawing cartoons since he could first grip a crayon. He’s the first to admit that although his early efforts weren’t very good, he just loved drawing. With a few pointers from his grandad, from whom Cookie suspects he inherited his drawing ability, he gradually developed his own style of cartoon art. Not a fan of comics or cartoon artwork in general, his quirky style and sometimes slightly dark humour were more inspired by Monty Python than Loony Tunes or Disney. His quirky cartoons didn’t go down well with his school art teachers, nor any other teachers who were on the receiving end of his ‘cheeky’ cartoons, which he’s signed ‘The Unknown Artist’, his anonymity he kept throughout his school life, for fear of the cane, slipper or worse. One of his best-known characters was inspired by a rock pool find in a fishing net, whilst on a camping holiday on Anglesey. A large-eyed shrimp-like creature. From the age of ten, the character would normally appear somewhere in the corner of most cartoons. The perfect vehicle for the Cookie Fish arrived many years later when he began creating T-shirt designs for Weird Fish Clothing. In whatever insane activity his fish was partaking, whether it was waiting to be fired from a cannon, holding an umbrella underwater or driving a sardine-can racing car in the Coast-to-Toast rally, Weird Fish was the perfect caption. Since parting company with that clothing company, the full diversity of his work has become more and more apparent.

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