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Designed with Happiness in mind!

@cookiecartoonery our whole mission statement is ‘to be different, not to do the normal and have lots of fun! To see something great, see the humor and chase after your dreams. That very motto has been the driving factor behind the inspiration for our artist, Cookie.

Cookie is the type of guy who sees the weird, and whimsical in everything around him. That should be obvious by the VW camper he is often seen moving around in. Cookie’s designs are his passion, and he loves the chance he gets to inspire others through his off-the-walls, colourful, and cool art style.

Cookie has managed to make a bit of a name for himself and his designs working with other clothing brands in 90's. He loves working with watercolours and canvasses. Many of his original art is on canvasses and now available as digital art: Weirdfish 'Bob' Originals Marketplace on OpenSea: Buy, sell, and explore digital assets

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